Have a league’s best and worst pitcher ever been on the same

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Have a league’s best and worst pitcher ever been on the same

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Pit Your Wits has been held off until tomorrow http://www.raysfanproshop.com/authentic-evan-longoria-jersey , because imstillhungry95 left his laptop at work. However, he’s still involved in Saturday’s post, which was inspired by the following tweet of his from the end of February.Well... The first few turns around the rotation have probably put a damper on that bit of speculation. Or if it’s going to happen, it’s going to be in the opposite way we probably expected. For at time of writing, our best starter has been... Merrill Kelly and his 2.57 ERA, while Zack Greinke “enjoys” an ERA north of seven. But inspired by the Tweet, I thought I’d dig into the records and see what I could find.I wish I hadn’t: there’s no easy way to check this, except for a lot of manual searches on the Play Index at Baseball Reference. In the end, I limited myself to the National League since 1998 for a full search, and there were no such cases where the Cy Young winner and worst pitcher in the league (as measure by bWAR) came from the same team. This isn’t too much of a surprise. To be the worst pitcher, you not only have to pitch badly, you typically have to throw a lot of innings to pile up that negative value. That tends to mean you are on a bad team, with no better alternatives. Cy Young winners, on the other hand, almost always come from contending teams. They won’t keep some guy with a 7.00 ERA in the rotation. But for the record, the chart below shows the NL Cy Young winners since Arizona joined the league, along with the worst pitcher on that team. I’ve also listed that year’s worst overall pitcher, and the best pitcher on that team.Best and worst NL pitchers, 1998-2018YearCy YoungbWARWorst on teambWARWorst in leaguebWARBest on teambWARYearCy YoungbWARWorst on teambWARWorst in leaguebWARBest on teambWARThe closest in this timeframe is probably 2014, when Clayton Kershaw won (as well as topping the NL in bWAR) http://www.rangersfanproshop.com/authentic-matt-moore-jersey , and Kevin Correia was the fourth-worst pitcher in the league.Good effort by Jacob DeGrom last season. The gap of 10.6 wins between him and team-mate Paul Sewald was the most for 16 years.Tim Lincecum is the only pitcher to both win a Cy Young AND appear on the worst in league column - just three years later. In related news, Paul Goldschmidt reached the majors in 2011.The biggest overall gap is the 12.1 wins between Randy Johnson and Eddie Oropesa on the 2002 Diamondbacks.How good the Big Unit was that year. Know how incredible DeGrom was last season? Johnson was more than a full win more valuable. The 2005 D-backs placed three pitchers in the league’s bottom 10. Brandon Lyon (-1.2 bWAR), Brian Bruney (-1.6) and Russ Ortiz (-1.9). Even the 2004 version, which lost 111 games, couldn’t do that. It seemed possible there were other cases that fell outside of this group, but I wasn’t going to check all 116 Cy Young winners to find out. The most plausible candidates would appear to me to be cases like DeGrom, where the Cy Young went to a great pitcher on a bad team. That doesn’t happen very often. In fact, he was just the 17th winner since the Cy Young began in 1956, to appear on a losing team (including Brandon Webb for the D-backs in 2006). I did a spot-check on all previous “winning losers” to see if any qualified. It turns out I would not have had to go much further back, to find the last time the NL Cy Young winner and worst pitcher in the league were on the same team.That dubious honor belongs to the 1997 Montreal Expos, a team which went 78-84, finishing fourth in the NL East. Their ace was Pedro Martinez, who made 31 starts (including thirteen complete games!), going 17-8 with a 1.90 ERA, He got 25 of 28 first-place votes, as he won the first of his three Cy Youngs, and was worth 9.0 bWAR. But the worst pitcher in the league could also be found plying his trade in theStade Olympique that season. Future Diamondback Omar Daal worked out of the Expos’ bullpen, making 33 appearances with a 9.79 ERA. He was worth -2.3 bWAR, 0.4 wins worse than the next most awful pitcher, the Phillies’ Mark Leiter. The same season Ivan Rodriguez Jersey , the AL Cy Young also went to a pitcher on a losing team - the Blue Jays’ Roger Clements. But their worst pitcher, Luis Andujar, was only 10th-worst in the league. To find another example before this, we have to go back to 1976, when Randy Jones went 22-14 for the Padres, to take the Cy Young. Colleague Dan Spillner, meanwhile, racked up -2.0 bWAR in a mix of starts and relief, with 106.2 IP of 65 ERA+ work. But the most recent case of all appears to have come as recently as 2010, when Felix Hernandez took the AL award, despite a mediocre 13-12 record, due to his 2.27 ERA. The bottom-dweller in the league was Ryan Rowland-Smith, who went 1-10 with a 6.75 ERA over 109.1 innings, and was worth -2.6 bWAR. Hernandez still holds the record for the Cy Young winner on the worst team, being the only man whose side managed to lose a hundred games. Seattle went 61-101 that season, despite Hernandez’s winning record. Over the 128 games he didn’t start, they were 44-84; so bad as that season was, it would have been a lot worse for Seattle without King Felix. Can they? Should they? Will they? Let’s explore."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Twinkie Town Farm ReportSatire, Irreverence, & Other HumorGame RecapsCould the Twins start the season with a three-man starting rotation? New http://www.rangersfanproshop.com/authentic-matt-moore-jersey ,3commentsCan they? Should they? Will they? Let’s explore.EDTShareTweetShareShareCould the Twins start the season with a three-man starting rotation? I chose this picture because I love the Player’s Weekend jersey.Brad Rempel-USA TODAY SportsOn Sunday afternoon’s Spring Training game broadcast against the Toronto Blue Jays, radio broadcasters Cory Provus and Dan “Dazzle Man” Gladden were talking about the Twins’ rotation and how it would shake out. One of them mentioned that the Twins will most likely start the season with a four-man starting rotation and the other chimed in and mentioned an interesting thought for a split second before moving on: a three-man rotation. Of course, major-league teams go with a standard five-man rotation for their starting pitchers for a majority of their season. Some teams have run with a six-man rotation at times, especially with September call-ups. Most teams will go with a four-man rotation to start the season due to scheduled off-days after a team’s home opener (for all that snow that’ll fall, knowing how this winter has gone, amirite??) or travel days. But considering that the Twins have five days off in their first 15 days of the season, could the Twins feasibly start the season off with a three-man rotation? Below is a table of the first 13 games the Twins play (off days included), which starter would start, and how many days of rest the starter would have before that day’s game. For simplicity, starters are numbered (Berrios has already been announced the Opening Day starter, but I like to KISS – keep it simple, stupid鈥?not calling you stupid, either, that’s just the acronym). I’ve included two scenarios: starting the season with a three-man rotation and starting the season with a four-man rotation.Three-man Rotation vs Four-man RotationDateGameThree-manDays restFour-manDays restDateGameThree-manDays restFour-manDays restA few points to keep in mind between the two scenarios:1. With the three-man rotation, the starters lose a day of rest from the standard four days of rest at least once through the first couple weeks of the season; the starters would get an extra day of rest in between their starts if the Twins went with a four-man rotation. 2. The Twins’ number one starter (Jose Berrios) will face Cleveland, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and the Mets – mostly decent teams – if they were to go with a three-man rotation. A four-man rotation would only get you your top starter a match with Cleveland, Kansas City, the Mets Prince Fielder Jersey , and Detroit.3. Expand the last point to include the number two starter: the number one and number two starters will start eight times – five against teams that are expected to be good in a three-man rotation; the number one and two starters will start seven times in a four-man rotation with five starts against teams that are expected to be competitive.With these points in mind, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of some options the Twins have to start the season off. Option 1: Carry a three-man rotation and the other starters stay behind for extended Spring TrainingIn this option, the Twins go north with three starters while the other two starters stay behind for some extra work in extended Spring Training. I would project that Jose Berrios and Kyle Gibson would be the 1-2 punch for the Twins while the third spot will most likely go to the veteran Jake Odorizzi. Martin Perez and Michael Pineda will stay behind in Florida to do some extra work in Spring Training before joining the team for the Detroit series. The pros of this option would be that the two starters that stay back will have some extra time to work on getting ready for the season. Perez and Pineda, although pitching well this spring, may need some extra time to get back into form after a bad year and injury, respectively. Another positive would be that the best starters the Twins have will get more starts against AL Central teams. Something to note as well: five games total are going to be in National League ballparks against two good teams these first two weeks. On the other hand, some cons to this option is that the starters are not getting a standard amount of rest between starts right out of the gate. If the three starters do not make it past four or five innings, the bullpen may get used a lot, which would lead to some early moves for the Twins. Option 2: Carry a three-man rotation; other starters travel with the team and split a game This option gets a little creative. The Twins go with a three-man rotation, but the other two starters will go with the team and essentially piggyback the other starters in a game or two each throughout the first couple of weeks. For example, let’s say Berrios starts a game and goes five innings. One of the starters not in the rotation will come in from the bullpen in the sixth inning and either finish the game or pitch three innings and leave the ninth inning for the true bullpen corps.Some pros to this option: the starters not in the rotation still get playing time the first couple weeks of the season instead of staying back in extended Spring Training. Additionally, if the bullpen has been used extensively in a game or two, a starter can be used out of the bullpen for the next game. Lastly, the two best starters will be pitching in prime games. A couple of down sides to this option is that some bullpen pitchers may not get enough playing time to start the season. Also, there is the mental component to this for the starters: are they mentally capable of coming out of the bullpen to pitch the rest of the game instead of starting? Option 3: Carry a four-man rotationThis is the standard option that teams take when coming out of Spring Training and into the regular season. Four starting pitchers rotate turns throughout the beginning of the season and a fifth starter is added when necessary. The fifth starter would come in during the series in Baltimore if going with a three-man rotation (adding a fourth starter for the Toronto Blue Jays series at home after the Detroit series) or during the Detroit series if running with a four-man rotation. Every starter in this rotation would get either the standard four days of rest between starts, or even a fifth day of rest with the off days. Will the Twins employ a three-man rotation? Not likely. Is it something that’s plausible? I believe so. Option 2 seems like the most logical and best bet to get the most out of starters in the best possible way against teams that are expected to be good to start the season, and then move to a five-man rotation in the middle of the first homestand in the second week of March against the Tigers and Blue Jays.
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